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THE HEAL ALL TEA , for those that cannot afford to work directly with a health care practitioner. THE HEAL ALL TEA  was designed to systematically clean and strengthen your pathways of elimination, endocrine glandular function (controllers of bodily functions) and organ function.

THE HEAL ALL TEA, will also kill the larger parasites within you and drastically reduce the microbes. You can never kill all the microbes in your body, nor do you want to. Doing so may reduce many of your vitamins from them, especially your B vitamins.

The list of what the HEAL ALL TEA, program may do for you is extensive and include:
Help clean your lymphatic system (your body’s “sewer system”)
Kills harmful parasites
Increase organ and gland function
Increase circulation throughout your body
Help dissolve stone and lipid plaquing
Remove heavy and toxic metals (aluminum, mercury, lead, etc)
Clean and strengthen your GI track (stomach and intestines)
Alkalize you (remove inflammation)
Drastically improve digestion
Balance blood sugar
Balance blood pressure
Balance body chemistry
Increase and strengthen nerve pathways
Help remove tumors and growths
Bring the emotions into balance
Help eliminate menopausal symptoms
Balance and maintain body weight
Increase energy levels
Help sleeping disorders
Cleans and strengthens the entire body!




What you eat, drink, breathe, and what you put on your skin, becomes the fuel and the building blocks for your body; or the irritants and acids that congest, inhibit, obstruct and destroy it’s tissues. Cooked foods leave a toxic or acid residue when they are metabolized. If these acids and by-products are not properly removed on a daily basis, they will begin to accumulate. Over many years these free radicals (acids), added to the built-up mucus, chemicals, minerals, toxic metals and the like, become stored deep within the tissues of your body. Acidosis is the “base” cause of cellular or tissue failure leading to “disease” symptoms. Over-acidity inflames, ulcerates and deteriorates tissue. Acidosis causes nutrients, blood cells, lipids and the like to “stick together” or coagulate. In other words, an over-acid body causes the nutrition in foods to bond or stick together and not disperse, which is vital for greater cellular absorption and energy. Over-acid conditions of the body eventually causes cellular starvation and death.


THE HEAL ALL TEA Herbal Detoxification Program that achieves deep tissue Detoxification is essential for the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of cellular health. Every cell in the body can be a powerhouse of energy. As we rid the body of toxicity and acidosis, the innate healing power of the cell and of the body unfolds. Revitalizing your body at the cellular level will begin the journey back to health. This is where new tissues are born. The THE HEAL ALL TEAand Getting Healthy through Detoxification program is a major stepping stone to you or your patient’s health.

One needs to approach Detoxification from a whole body perspective. We must clean, strengthen, and rebuild all the tissues of the body. The power and intelligence that our body has for regeneration is unbelievable! After all, God is the creator. By cleaning the tissues of the body, greater cellular respiration begins. This allows the cells to regain or exceed their past performance. This brings a dynamic state of health and vitality to the body as a whole. The more toxins that we put into our body, the more our immune/lymphatic system is compromised and congested. This lowers our body’s ability to eliminate and heal itself. As we continue to toxify the body, our cellular energy begins to decrease. Toxicity is threatening to eliminate us as a species! A world of intellectualism sometimes overlooks the obvious.

The natural cleansing process is the most misunderstood process the body moves through. The body is an extraordinary self-healer and cleanser. We have testimonials on bones that have straightened themselves out after years of being deformed (scoliosis, etc.). We have seen complete spinal cord severation completely reconnect after 12 years. The body is unbelievable in its healing abilities. The body is constantly working to rid itself of toxins and heal itself. Proper tissue function is slowed in the body where these toxins have settled.

During this program, your body can move through various stages of cleansing and repairing. Cold and flu-like symptoms, sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, sweats, fevers, aches and pains are all natural methods used by the body to detoxify

(release) and heal itself. When the natural healing process or “healing crisis” is in progress, it should be helped along and monitored. This expelling is referred to in many health journals as “Herring’s Law of Cure,” or simply the “healing crisis.” The Natural Healing Process.” Cleansing cycles can last 1 hour, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week or even up to 3 weeks, depending on the level of toxicity in an individual. These are all great signs that your body is responding, cleaning out the toxicity and rebuilding the weakened areas. Disease is nothing more than a toxic, over-acid, inflamed body.

Alkalization of the body is key to removing the inflammation as well as these stored acids and toxins. True detoxification requires alkalization, which leads to cellular regeneration. The following diet program is a high alkalizer and energizer of the tissues, organs and glands of your body. Try eating 80% raw uncooked foods to 20% cooked. If you can eat 100% raw fruits and vegetables, your body’s response will be unbelievable.

Try it! Make your health, body, emotions, mind, and self your “hobby.” After all, you are all you have! Take care of you and then help others. Enjoy God’s wondrous world of nature and all the tools it offers you to feel good.

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